Found a nice muffler/filter for small compressors


Needle-chuck Ninja
So two months ago I was looking for ways to silence my Badger 180-11 compressor, and ended up DIYing a muffler for it which can be seen here:

During that process I had found this item on Amazon, but didn't buy it because it was too much for my budget and I wasn't even sure it would work:
Basically a short pipe cap with a "sponge" of sintered bronze (phosphor bronze?) granules that both absorbs air vibrations and acts as a washable filter.

Well, someone got it for me for Christmas, and it works great! It significantly cuts down on the low-frequency noise which my home-bru muffler did little against, and once fitted in the compressor chassis it's very low-profile. Threads are a bit big relative to the intake hole, so right now it's just lightly wedged in there at the very end of the thread, but if I ream out the hole ever so slightly, I can affix it in there properly using a cut-down 1-1/2" pipe adapter as a nut, and it'll be super compact.

If you click the manufacturers name, they've got a bunch of these types of filter/mufflers in different sizes, so you should be able to find one to suit whatever model of small oilless type compressor you have.