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thats right to much time on my hands i said franken air brush im thinking since i love to tinker with excrement ...not excrement-stuff i have had a crazy thought instead of buying a 500 dollar micron i wonder if there's an air brush body that i can some how marry a .16micron fluid head assembly to preferably a velocity or infinity this way if it does not work i can still use the airbrush body and save the micron head for when i can one day get a micron. does this sound crazy
does this sound crazy

Yes it does LOL, I live by the moto if it ain't broke don't fix it LOL. Saying that though am interested to see what ya come up with so tinker away :)
Yes you are crazy, lol!! I would say this though if your gonna go through with it. The fluid head system alone will cost you $125 and you need to find a body that's the same if not a few thousandths smaller so you can tap it to fit the head system into it. Lol, I would just save and buy a micron, cause if it doesn't work you will be out a good bit of coin. But, hey, if you get it to work pm me and I'll buy one, lol!!

Well there is a airbrush that fits the head from the Micron. It is the chinese Micron knock off Veda 180 airbrush. I have one and the head from my Olympos Micron fits right into this one too, and the Olympos and Iwata are
the same head assembly system. I only tried to fit it in there but havent tried if it will spray better. The Veda works pretty good and can do very fine details already, i guess with the micron head it sprays almost like the micron
since the body is kinda the same, just some parts like trigger and springs and so on are not the same quality as the Iwata or Olympos. But your idea sounds crazy if you would want to completly make it yourself to put that
head on a different airbrush that was not made the same way as a micron lol. If the head is 125$ and the Veda 180 is like 30$ and it would work out good then it would be a good deal, but if it wont work out good
its a lot of wasted money lol.
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thanks for that info its just a thought it wood bee he he wood bee crazy right now since im unemployd to buy anything especialy a micron eventually im sure il get a micron and ill have spare parts i likestrangers idea but i was thinking of the body of a quality air brush i have an infinity and velocity i like how the velocity feels its heavy and built solid