Air-Valve Autobot!
So, do you have an old 100, 150 or 200 series Badger airbrush? Well here is a little upgrade for you.

This is not my idea. Someone somewhere mentioned it and I really wanted to try it. So when I got loaned a Sotar, I tried it on my 150.

It really works great and I think with the 100 side feed gun it will be on par with the Micron CM-SB. With the suction feed 150 I still got very tight detail but I had to use it at above 20psi air pressure.

To do a basic conversion, all you need is the complete head, needle and handle. Handle does not even have to be changed if you are willing to chop the needle.


For a full conversion, you can change all the above including the inner workings. Again the handle is an option if you want the cut-away and limiter. I would anyway cut the needle shorter because I think it is stupid having to remove the needle if you want to remove the handle.