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David Monnig

We will be reviewing and going over the Iwata line and the Sil Air line in this video along with CO2.
More compressor videos coming soon ! The California Airtools video is in the works !
Learn the differences and there applications .
Here is the link .....
Compressor Guide - Choosing the correct compressor & maintaining your compressor

Here is the link to the very quite high CFM units from California Airtools .
If you click on a unit and scroll to the bottom there are videos showing noise level
comparisons .
Coast Airbrush Products
You bet ! I am really liking this forum ! People here are very nice and no drama !
Also lots of good info on here . Compressors have been such an issue ever since I got into this biz many years ago.
we always try to hook people up with the right one then first time . Lately a lot of the replica imports have been coming in for repairs and just not working ! I hate having to tell customers they wasted there money .
Me micron ! Love all your info here ! Like I said ...... Great people here ,
Me micron ! Love all your info here ! Like I said ...... Great people here ,

LOL Dave , I learn a lot from you and Craig... It is me Herb aka Meanmachine over at KKl.:D
But this is a great place to hang and nope drama not allowed.