freehand flames attempt


Gravity Guru
hi all,
I tried to do freehand flames over christmas, from youtube vids with airbrushtutor, I still dont understand fire but this piece is better than my previous ones so its a progress at the end of the day....
wish I could say how to do them better but I am still working on lines , dots etc etc
but still looks good to me :)
that looks alot better,It flows great only thing I might do is add another layer doing what you did with this one and maybe add a few hot spots on the skull
Thats not to bad mate. Your getting there. It takes a little time and a fair bit of... "OK, that didnt work" before it clicks. But your on track.

Thats coming on nicely, everytime you do a new one it will get better.
I have two things to say which would make it look better (IMHO)
1, Above the Skull you have a lot of the shame shapes going on, try and avoid that by making it more random.
2, The two "Spaghetti" strands going up from the eyes look false, maybe you could get away with a spaghetti strand on one side but really they are to be avoided.
Not "bigging" myself up but I was asked to do a flaming skull on a cutoff some time ago. Luckily I did a practice piece first because it wasn't what was wanted. He wanted a skull OF flames ......
The first one I did was a kinda knock off from Ghost Rider.

This what he actually wanted =
John W coat 2.JPG
The point I'm trying to make is how Random the flames are.
Hope this helps.
That's not a bad attempt at all it looks really good . It looks like it could do with just a little more on the forehead creaping up to the top though to bring the front flames into the top ones. Other than that it's a really nice job well done.
thank You all for kind words and advice! my first year of airbrushing is about to end hopefully my fire will look much better in december 2016!
Looking good,
true fire is tricky, me myself use a whole bunch of stencils, that way I don't get the same look over and over again,
the biggest problem for me is the paint it self, because I'm using ICI/NEXA waterbased autocolors they don't have candys so I have made my own
mix with reduced and transparent colors,, it works pretty good too,,
I didnt use any stencils for this, all freehand just trying to copy everything Mitch is doin, I think most important thing here is to "understand" fire. once u know u know, and u can paint fire, any shape, any size.
patience, practice and persistance