'Fridge motor hook-up?


Detail Decepticon!
Hi, All.
Just a few questions about how you've hooked up your fridge motors to your tanks.
On the motor I just got, there's a very small outlet pipe [with filter] coming out of it.
I have a broken down Stanley portable air compressor [rectifier s%&^t itself!] which I have removed the compressor motor from and wish to
connect the fridge one to.
The fittings on the Stanley are regular refridgeration pipe [about 3 mm dia.Aluminium ] and the fridge one is slightly larger [ about 4mm dia.Copper.]
Which would be the best method to connect them?
Would it be prefferable to solder a larger tube to the fridge motor and get reduction fittings for the tank?
Any suggestions would be welcome as this would mean I could use it indoors instead of the noisy Blackridge compressor I'm using as a back-up.
I soldered threaded fittings to my fridge compressor, this allowed a standard size connection, which I converted to hose barbs so I could attach flexible air line. I think I even used compression fittings on another one. No flames involved.

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I only seem to have that issue with a plasma cutter.

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