frisket cutting



Point : I'm pretty far blind.
Point : I bought from frisket (clear sheet )
Point : I ordered some matte sheets
Point : See #1

I printed out a random image of something I want to paint, placed the friscket on my canvas, attempted to get to bubble / lump free.
Placed image over and proceeded to cut. Except...I can't seem to cut the frisket through the paper. It's not think, its standard printer paper. Due to the vision, I am going extremely slowly (and it's a new exacto).

Anyone have advice on working with frisket ? My free hand sketching skills (again, see #1) are shockingly bad :\ So I have to use something to get the base piece over to my canvas/paper. I do have a projector and an ipad with the proper cable, and time willing I'll try that tomorrow night.

Advice appreciated.


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Carbon paper , Trace image on to canvas or painting surface , apply frisket ,Cut frisket ,Paint,,

When you try laying the paper over the frisket you run the risk of the paper shifting and then you have a layout that you can not use.
I have tried that and it did not work so well.
But the way I have up top works great for me. That is when I use frisket..
You can also just print a couple of copy of the picture and cut section you need out of them to map out your painting.


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What brand of frisket did yo get? The real "Frisket" is pretty thin and it does not take much to cut through it. I have Artool's artmask and the stuff is nasty. It is thick as signmaking vinyl. I only use it on canvas panels these days.

In the beginning I use to practice by attaching it to normal photo copy paper and try and cut so that I do nit cut through the paper. It helps to get a feel for the stuff.