This was one of my first artworks finished last year. I was eager to brush an illustration with a frog instead of buying one of these commercial pictures you can buy everywhere... I started airbrushing on a light green varnished magnet board to get a nice background. I added the water lily and the frog after finishing that. (Cutting out the water lily and the frog with a scalpel on a foil and using it as a flexible stencil). How do you like it?

Hi there, I think its a great attempt for one of your first. I can say I didn't accomplish anything like that when I started. Well done and keep up the hard work.

That's really nice mate, love the colours and these little frogs are always great subjects to paint, the only thing I would have added is a bit of shadow under the Lilly the frog is sitting on, it looks a bit like its floating in the air and not the pond. That's my only critique my friend, other than that you have made a really good job, keep them coming and lets see more:)
Many thanks Cordyk - yes - now I can see the wrong thing!! It often happens that I finish an artwork and I feel something isn't correct, but I don't know exactly what... :)
I agree with the others, design and colours are great, especially for an early attempt......your right often it just needs a fresh pair of eyes to pick out whats wrong.....seamonkey told me a good trick, look at your painting and reference picture through the camera on your phone, it's suprisingly good for picking up differences