Fun with lines today!


Air-Valve Autobot!
I bought a Neo 2 weeks ago and started messing with it. Unfortunately the nozzle actually broke... no i was not taking it apart. So after a few days and really wanting something I bought a sparmax locally Saturday. Today I wanted to practice some lines but wanted to make it fun... one thing led to another and this is what I wound up with.. this was not stenciled. Obviously later I was seriously fighting tip dry.

Brick1 (1024x576).jpg

So I was very very happy with how that turned out and decided to add more to it... this one I really messed up but after some reworking i wound up with
this. The goal was to make it look like graffiti on a brick wall, after originally painting white and then making a total mess with transparent violet. I managed to rework it then carefully spray some brick lines back in. By this time I was making more mistakes than good work.. but here it is at this point. Minion1 (1024x576).jpg

There is some pretty bad spidering and lord knows you can easily point out 100 other mistakes. Just learning and figured I would show where I am at to hopefully look back 6 months later and laugh. For me at this stage I am pretty happy with this.
I'm impressed, I've seen a number of folks here just starting out that are good off the bat or are naturally artistic

A lot more interesting than just lines...good job, pretty cool.

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately I will be working a double basically today so no time to airbrush. This was just enough to give me confidence going forward... Feeling like I am starting to get a little control, which I think has more to do with me being better at pressures and proper thinning.
Wow if that was a first or even a second or third attempt you are destined for great work to come.
This was my second attempt at a brick wall. the first was not very dimensional. I was just painting the lines actually much finer at first then thicker overlays. I went back and looked at the computer at pictures at brick wall and that is when I saw the light. I realized the white lines to create depth. I remembered hearing Airbrush Tutor say "it is easy not because I say it is because it is. So I went back to my paper and thought... how am I going to get pencil thin lines in white on here! So after 20 or 30 tries at indexing the proper depth i went at the white. I somehow was at a point I did not look at "a wall" I was looking at lines.. My wife came in and said it looked great and until I pulled my phone out and captured the image on camera I couldn't see anything but lines.

Before this I had attempted some skulls (im sure everyone has) I made a few lightning, a moon and 50 bad and 3 decent attempts at fire :) I cannot seem to get dagger strokes yet and have not worked on blended lines. Just ecstatic I am getting straight lines and dots fairly decently.
NICE Job. I want a brick wall / graffiti t shirt for my Grandson. This is just the inspiration I need!
I am not sure you should look to ME for inspiration. But I will say despite limited time I have learned a lot on this forum already. Managed to get in an hour of practice today YAY. I am hoping to get in 10 hours a week between practicing and attempting to make something pretty.