Max Chickens

Hey again everyone.

Just wondering what furry tips we had out there? I've been trying the lateral texture as in ABT's video but it ends up looking just like the figure 8 texture with a bit of direction.....not actually fur...I've only been doing 3 or 4 inch blocks maybe I need to do a huge patch and step bak an see how that goes? Either way I don't see it looking anything like fur...

And tip dry is such a pain...like every 10 seconds or so...esp with white.

This is the best little patch I've done...tips please!!! I've tried to do some fine hairs on the right side but I'm finding it hard to blend it in.....tip dry again is an issue.

I've been using createx black, white and a few greys all transparent all watered down using illustration base.

Maybe try lengthining out the stroke a bit or scratching/erasing some extra detail in (See VR's Demo on Fur)..looks OK to me., and if it was used in conjuction to longer patches say elsewhere on an animal it would look more natural, seeing it by itself is prob throwing ya..make up a little project and try it on that and see if that helps..
Hmmm yeah thanks mate...i was thinking that actually. Like maybe if it was in amongst other fur/long strokes etc then it might be less.........crap haha

It's gonna take a while....it take sooo long to do.
Use a fan brush to spray through. You can use any brush as a stencil, you just need to cut some of the bristles out first to get the paint through it.