G`Day All,, New Here From Australia.


Grant Freeman

G`Day All,, i hope all is fine with everyone. I haven`t actually started to Airbrush as yet,, waiting on some funds to get the Equipment like Airbrushes, Paint & do a course. I have done Graphic Design & Completed a Diploma In Visual Arts,, which i really liked. Since the Diploma, decided to get into Designing my own Surf Brand T-Shirts,, with a Good Computer, Wacom Drawing Tablet,, Heat Press,, Heat Transfer Sheets,, a Really Good Printer,, Plotter Cutter,, but I`m still not happy with the look,, It`s Too Confined to the A4 or A3 Rectangle Shape. Plus I don`t get to get My Hands Dirty,, I guess I`m a Hands on Type Artist,, not Computer Generated. There`s nothing wrong with 3D Art,, But it`s not really Me I guess. I`ll still use the Wacom to Design on,, then Airbrush the Design onto either Shirts or Canvas. Well, I hope that gives People a bit of an Insight into Me,, lol. Hope to Hear from some of You Soon,, Cheers, Grant.
Welcome home Grant.
I think it is past time for you to put away the computer and grab up an airbrush. Only way to learn is to jump in with both feet and hit the floor running.
But would still love to see some of you computer work.
Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with Grant:watermelon: Having a good plotter and some decent technology like that can be a huge benefit to the quality of your results. Good luck with it all mate and if you have any questions just fire away!
Grant welcome from Florida. You will not find a better forum or a better resource for all of your questions. AIRBRUSH TUTOR got it right and this worldwide forum is hands down the BEST available. Great people, great talent, and my second family. ;). Have fun
Hi and welcome sit back get your hands dirty and fire away those???s you are sure to find the answers here .
Hi Grant, I'm a fellow Aussie from Melbourne, finally taking up my dream hobby. I would love to see some of your work. Sound great! Cheers

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Hello from Norway.
I can totally understand why you'll want to get your hands dirty. I have years working with graphics on the computer, I have my own plotter, but still love to cut my design by hand..