G`day folks



G`day all
Troppo from down-under, i`ve always wanted to learn to use an air brush and finally have a chance.
I dont have bucket loads of money to throw into this so would like your opinions on a decent airbrush and material for spraying through it.
Cheers and thanks in advance
Depends on your budget m8, I just had a student buy a Iwatwa Neo (Syphon as thats what she wanted) and some createx white (500 ml I think) and a smaller 250 ml black so she can start of with some B&W basics. It cost her $120 au and is a reasonable starting cost.. If you had a bit more to spend you shld consider getting the best gun you can afford, badger patriots and 150's are great starters, so are the iwatwa hp-cs. The better you go to begin with, the less chance you'll be wanting to upgrade 2 mnths down the track....GL and av fun with the hobby :)
Cheers for that rebel, i was looking at about $120 -$150 au sort of range. What would you recommend, siphon or gravity feed?
I definately dont want something i`ll out-grow in 6 months, though i`ll be able to buy better in the future.
Depends the kind of painting you want to do mate, syphons are great for big work and easy color changeout because you can keep a lot more paint in the cups and have as many ready to go as you want. Good for mural work, t-shirts, automotive and such..Gravity's are great as they waste less paint and you can spray at lower pressures which is good for high detail, but they do need a good cleanout between your colors..We all have our fav's in this area, personally I'm a syphon feed fan as I find most gravitys a bit of a pain at times and they sit awkward in my hand, but many find syphons do similar for them, sometimes we get used to what we have first or use the most and everything else feels weird, but saying that my first gun was a gravity so either or will do the job when starting out, having both down the track is great as then you'll have a gun that suits all needs..read up on some of the reviews around m8 and consider what your wanting to use your gun for, if ya can get into a shop and actually see how each type feels in your hand and go with what feels more comfy....
Thanks again Rebel
i`m looking at starting small (gotta begin somewhere lol) but then moving onto cars and trucks if i can find the workso i might look at a cheapish one of each to see which one is my personal preference, but a siphon sounds like a must have for any fine detail
I have a Neo for Iwata and I'm very happy with it. I'm sure it's not the best but I prefer learn first and then buy a better airbrush. Its more important the artist than the airbrush ;)