G'day all



G'day all , I have been interested in airbrushing for years but never really found the time to (with having a family & all ) but now I have the time i'm diving in head first & I don't plan on looking back :p
Welcome to the forum and to the addiction that is airbrushing.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!
Hi Airnut, welcome. Can you tell use where you are from, what airbrush you use, which paints and and you like to paint?
cheers Mel
Welcome aboard from Southern Oklahoma! All I can say, is welcome to your new addiction, haha. Loads of great info here and an awesome family here to help ya in your journey!!!
Hey airnut, you sound like me. Spent years thinking and wondering about airbrushing, before finally getting round to it. Then I just wish I'd started years before. You're gonna love it. Welcome to the forum!