G'Day Fellow Airbrush Artists



G'Day All,
Im Airarts from Southern Australia. Ive been airbrushing for about two years now ( When i get time that is, which isnt very often ) I own a iwata airbrush and compresser and use createx colors and wicked colors, Ive tried Iwata.com and jaquard paints with little success. Im a family man with kids whose always had a passion for art of all kinds. In my teenage years i was a graffiti artist but as you get older you become much more wiser and thats why i have turned to airbrushing now. My dream is to airbrush for a fulltime job, maybe even own my own business one day. I look foward to reading and viewing your artwork, comments, and tip's'n' tricks in this wonderful web forum that Mitch has created for all of us to use ( Not Abuse ) Peace and Love to all ;)

Welcome home AirArts. Nice to add you into the family.
Know all about life and trying to work in paint time...
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!;)
Welcome from the land of pomms. You will find a great bunch of peeps here and a wealth of knowledge. Have a great time here.

Big welcome AirArts! I love your logo, was it by chance that you created the tip of an airbrush with the back to back A's? Good to have u on board:)
G'Day Airbrush Tutor, Im glad someone has noticed my airbrush tip in my logo, i swear i goes over some peoples heads lol. And no i wasn't by chance it was origanaly designed like that ( Pretty Kewl hey :) ) I'm glad to be on bored the web vessel aswell AArrrrrggghhh lol You've done a brililant job with the youtube tutorials and this wonderful forum Mitch Be proud of yourself mate Peace and love
Cheers Mel, WMLE, Patch, Squishy, Ulltraz, Bad65, Jord001, Mr Micron and Airbrush Tutor for making me feel welcome :)
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SQUISHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.......... how you doing 'bro' :) i'm still around, and its been a loooong year, and i'm staring at the "1 year anniversary" of my Reaper meeting - doesnt time fly ! but trying (read 'finishing off unfinished powertool projects) to get some room in my shed to get the airbrush thing happening !! then i'll order some new paints and get the party started !! i've been hanging out but refused to start until i could dedicate myself to it fully, i hate having too many things on the go........once i've made a start, i'll be into Paint Pals and the next collective artwork... i cant promise van gogh but i should be able to pull off something that would make Picasso proud LOL.........
That's good to hear dude!:victorious: Good to know everything's ok, and happy to hear it won't be too long before you get some air flowing, who do we have to bribe to become paintpals? When you're up and running PM me and we can just do one anyway, from one fella to another LOL!