G'day from Adelaide



G'day guys and gals,

Like many of you, I suspect, I have had a long time interest in Air Brushing, but never followed my goals. That has changed and I'm hoping to make it a serious hobby. I'm 42, living in north suburbs of Adelaide and I have little or no artistic imagination, which makes this hobby quite a challange. I have become hooked on ABtutor vids and also Terry Hill & Ed Hubbs.

Anyone in Adelaide who wouldn't mind looking over their shoulders for some 1 on 1 question time in person, I'd Love to hear from you.

I have airbrushing for about a month, but it really only equates to about 10 hours total so far (as at 25/8). I have done a few small works which I will post in the relevant forum.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you as time and hopefully my ability progresses.

I should mention, as I can't create a signature yet, that I am using an Iwata HP-CS and Auto air paints.

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Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Welcome to the forum Nicko, plenty to learn from here and plenty of nice people willing to help. Enjoy your stay.

Hello and welcome Nick, there are tons of peeps here and a wealth of knowledge to help any way they can. Don't worry about the artistic part, heck I cant even draw stick figures lol. The very talented artists here are not snooty they even help the likes of me. :tickled_pink:
welcome from honduras, hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Welcome from the Uk Nicko. I'm sure you will love it here on the forum. Its the number one source of info for newbies and experienced airbrushers alike. No question is too stupid to ask and if its about airbrushing you may even get an answer. :topsy_turvy:
Hi from 'the hills' of Adelaide Nicko :) nice to see another Adelaidian !
Like you , "I have little or no artistic imagination, which makes this hobby quite a challange"
Although I have the imagination, just no ability, well not yet.
I've yet to get some time with my airbrush due to a few 'life issues' LOL but am keen to dive in and the time is getting closer.

This is a fantastic bunch of lunatics that will help along the way and offer constructive critique when needed. And they do it happily, they all seem to puff out their chest (as they should) when you take their advice and show improvement.
Dive in and show 'em what you got !
Hey Nicko from the uk. I wondered and wondered about ABing for years too, before I actually gave it a go, and then wished I'd done it when I first thought of it LOL! Some good eggs around here who will have you on your way in no time. Check out the ABtutors vids, dive in and shout out if you have any questions. Or just entertain us all with some random comments, it's all good.
Thanks for all your warm welcomes. It's really to be a part of this hobby. I am in awe of some of your work and look forward to interacting with you all over time.