G'day from Australia



I'm Cade I'm from Australia. I have getting an airbrush soon that I will mostly use for Scale Modeling and other art things! I joined to get advice on airbrushing

Cheers Cade.
Welcome home Cade
Nice to hav eyou join the family and I am sure you can find answers to your questions here.. We have a huge family with lots of knowledge.
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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G`day Spitfire
Welcome to the forum from a south aussie. This has got to be one of best places to learn about airbrushing (not badmouthing other ab forums). By all means do your models but give some art work a go, you might surprise yourself with what you can do.
Cheers mate
welcome from sunny South Africa
you have come to the right place :)
Welcome to the family from the states! You will enjoy it here for sure!

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Welcome from the UK. I'm sure you will pick up loads of advise and progress quite quickly.
Welcome spitfire, great name, does that imply you flew one?
Sadly not I would love to fly one! No Im into scale Modelling and a Spitfire is my favourite plane! ( this might sound nerdy but I have built 7 model ones!)
cheers all
Love the distinctive sound of a Spitfire engine! Used to see one fly over my house once in a blue moon. There's just something special about them.
Oh the Merlin engine sound is unmistakable! They are very special indeed!