Gday to all



Just thought I'd finally say hi and post my first post.
Joined about 6 months ago then moved house - gives a lot of time to airbrush, still looking for things in box's and the shed - who knows where I packed them
havent done much with the airbrush but love the feeling of being totally lost when I do, took up drawing a couple of years ago, (once or twice a year depending on family, business and life), did a 7 day course with Wayne Harrison and my wife has brought me the Daniel Power CD set, have watched the first set about 3 years ago and need to find them again before watching the second.
Since I havnt been able to paint at the moment due to the move I have been stocking up onsecond hand/ebay tools - brought a SV12 vinyl cutter and a Tracer Projector, used the projector and works well, havnt used the plotter due to it being my christmas present.
I enjoy automotive painting and portaits and cant wait to learn more, need to set up a shed space for myself - means clearing out the familys junk in the shed lol, bit warm at the moment with 40 degree days and no a/c or windows in the shed so might just have to wait and sit inside with the dvds, a/c and a couple of cold ones,
In the little time I have have been reading this site and starting to learn more, cant wait to really get into it, so hopefully you will see some of my work, till then cya through the window
Hi Bretto, welcome aboard, hopefully you find all your stuff soon so you can set up a workspace :) .
hmmmm lemme guess........QLD? or WA perhaps? apologies if im wrong but im in sydney and at the mo and we've had the same weather....and that coupled with the 'bretto' and the 'cold ones' steered me towards Aus haha.

anyways man i hope you enjoy being on here as much as i do....ive learnt alot and im sure theres heaps more to come.

look forward to seeing your work mate....what equ etc are you using?

Welcome bretto!! I also love the automotive side and can't wait to see some of your work!

Hi Bretto! Stopped in before work to say a few hellos.

Me too, it seems Christmas preparation, cleaning up the house for family to come and then .. there's that four letter word, "work" that is getting in my way of painting my next project. Have it all set up but can't seem to get to painting it. :(
Northern NSW inland near the QLD boarder Max, its going to be cooler today (36) and my wife pulled the blankets up last night as she got cold, I guess when the night temps drop from 34 down to 24 its a bit of a shock, lol
I have 2 Iwata brush's 0.3 and 0.5 both gravity feed, still having troubles with paints but starting to work through it, due to location every thing has to be posted, looking at trying the water base colours and hoping to watch the Daniel Power DVDs over the christmas break to learn about colour thearpy and how and when to mix so I can try a couple of portaits, last night read up on how to do chrome letters and will also give that a go - looks like a good exercise in using a blade also
Yeah that's a great chrome tutorial. Yeah I use water based, createx, just cause the airbrush tutor uses them in some of his bids, I ordered them off the airbrush megastore site.

Later mate
hey bretto welcome home good to have you about the place....hope stuff works out for you and you can start slinging some paint real soon