Hi all, Im brand new to this forum, and airbrushing in general. As this is my first post, I just thought I'd ask what people's thoughts are on the Badger 360 universal airbrush? I bought one of these a week or so ago, and have been mucking around on paper, doing dagger strokes, dots, lines etc. as I've watched the mighty Airbrush tutor do on youtube (Mitch is a classic! makes me laugh alot).
Where is Airbrush tutor based anyway? Sydney I'm guessing?
I live in Bendigo, Victoria (Australia, for anyone who doesnt know where it is)
I'm going to have to order some paints online, as there's not really anyone who deals with airbrush supplies here (which sucks!)
Anyway, I very much look forward to learning, and improving, and sharing it all with you..
Cheers, Paul.

P.s, I'd already posted this in the wrong section!
welcome Paul, check out airbrushmegastore.com he's based in Adelaide but you will be hard pushed to find a cheaper supplier for waterbased paint. and steve is a nice guy and happy to help via email if you have questions too :)
Welcome to the forum :) . I havent used a Badger yet, but i heard good things about them, so i guess you got yourself a good gun with the 360.
Welcome from Florida! You can find pretty much anything you like on this site. Check out new and older posts and your questions may already be answered. Either way you have found a great place to learn.