Gesso on poster board?



Anyone tried a coat of gesso on poster board for practice serface?
Can't remember where, but there was a similar discussion to this a few days ago, and the general concensus was, why put gesso over a particular surface as it makes all surfaces the same and you may as well use any old cheap paper. I haven't tried this, myself mind you, so probably not the best person to comment. I just like to join in Lol!
I know a few gesso mdf before painting and I think someone also does Bristol paper,@markjthomson does Bristol board,but for practice I would just concentrate on technique and paint air ratios as that's enough to do anyone's head in at the beggining.
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Gesso is harder to paint on than posterboard. Just gives a nicer surface for scratching. I paint on plain old posterboard unprepped if im painting on posterboard. Its a good surface to practice on all on its own.
I also bought a huge roll of kids paper to practice on, glass is nice cause it teaches control fast and reusable. With that said i dont practice much anymore. Just some warm ups whenever i paint,,, i need to work on lettering however.
My impression was that gesso is really only used for scratching and to smooth out canvas. But I'm a noob still so idk haha. I got Bristol board and gesso to do furry animals on since it's all scratch and erase. I practice on any cheap paper I can find. But now if I start a project, even just to practice techniques in the work, I use good art poster board. Never know if it'll come out awesome and I don't want nice work stuck on crap paper
Gesso on cardboard? Why for the love of everything sane would you want to put yourself through that type of pain LOL..But let us know how ya went LOL..

If you want a good practice surface get the side or a panel of an old washing machine and use that..When finished for the day just wipe it clean with thinners ready for tomoros practice session, no prep, no bothers and one panel for all your practice needs..not as good for scratching practice as say a clayboard or gessoed board but if your doing all that work to prep such then its likely not a practice canvas, as everyone else mentioned, just try the cardboard itself with no priming/gesso, you may even be able to get the stuff that has a gloss side and a matt side and that's also good for trying different techniques on but if its just practice, go cheap....and easy..Good luck.