Get more out of your Infinity



In an other treat I promised some pictures of my shortened infinity trigger.
Instead I decided to share my daily use of the brush and hope you have some use for them.

First the shortened trigger.

Note this is at you own risk.
Twist and turn until the disk comes off. shorten the trigger and put the pieces back to together. I find the response more to my liking.

I do clean my brush after use complete including the nozzel.
Reassembling the brush after cleaning is not much differed than normal accept the needle is inserted backwards in to the front, this saves the needle, the needle chuck nut is a trap for you needle and will bend it after 10-20 times.

Storing the brush, pull the needle back until it disappears in the nozzle.

And please take care with the original holder, it looks nice but I did bend 2 needles on one.

I love it when people re-engineer their own stuff. thanks for the demo.

I find it quite interesting that you are the first person ever that is cutting their trigger shorter. Everybody else is making it longer.