Getting flames to pop...



Hi guys,

Anyone care to share any advice on how to get the colour in flames to pop. Mine are coming out of but seem to lack any real striking colour.
i use a base white
Candy orange
candy fools gold.
And to finish up a transparent white.
here is a couple of bits I've done that just don't seem to be that hot.



cheers for any help :)
Hey matey check out airbrush tutors free hand flamesvideo. .... is all there Bro... that's for water based paint buti would presume a similar result is gained from solvent based using the same technique.... basically start with a pink base then spray your trans or candy red over to then you bring out some large area highlights defining the flow of the flame. ... then you work an orange layer the same as you did in step1 and 2
I would always mix yellow with your white so it doesn't turn your red into pink. Flames all depend on what paint you are using. With uro's lay your red then orange, candy red, orange, candy orange, yellow, candy orange, yellow, candy yellow and then white hotspots with candy yellow over the top. Water based is a totally different beast. I would follow mitch's tutorial as he did a cracking job on it. I know uro's are long winded bit you get the depth of flame which makes a big difference.

Hi MrDigBick ( did i spell it right )
flaming skull.JPGIf possible invest in the House of Kolor True-Fire kit. Comes with all the magic ingredients for flame popping. I follow Mike Lavallees' process as it works for me. Kit comes with Candy Red,Candy Orange, Candy Yellow, Orange, Yellow, White, Black and Purple pearl.
As backward as it sounds, darken your color palate. Start with deep red candies, and work up to light yellow. Also, instead of using a straight white, add just a couple drops of orange to the white. This will help prevent the blue-shift effect you get when spraying a lighter color over a darker one. This is important because if you spray candy yellow over blue-shifted white, you'll get green-ish looking flames every time.

Oh, also, don't leave any straight white. Hit it with at least some yellow. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a truly white fire in my life. Hope that helps a bit
here buddy:

the free hand flames thread.

You need to build up your flames in layers. Start with a vibrant red layer, move on to the orange layer and building up a slight bit of detail, then finish with your final yellow semi-highlights layer.
I see you're using gold.. i've no idea how that color comes out, but i'm assuming it's not a vibrant yellow, instead its a gold... the flames don't have any gold, nor do they want any gold. ever.
I hope i've made myself clear.
Now this will seem very weird to you but if your usin water based paints, transparent paint is your pop factor. Each color has 2 or 3 stages you must do.
Red= start with pink, then a transparent bright red over your pink and out of the edges of that.
Orange= use a very light orange ad then a very transparent orange over the light orange but don't go very far into the red out side.
Yellow= start with canary yellow to just bring out the hot spots and remember that this is a minimal step. Then have a very transparent yellow to go over the canary.

The main key is to not go outside your first color. The red has to show around the orange to compliment it, and the same goes for the yellow. It shouldn't go outside the orange and absolutely not outside the red.

There are exceptions to these rules but they are very minimal.

The tutors freehand flames explain it well and are great videos.
Gearboxroxxx's YouTube video on water based kandy effect helped me tremendously!! He explains it perfectly and it just clicked with me.
Dark to light, loose to tight.

I have an issue with my flames always washing out and now i realise I am over highlighting with transparents so I kill the bases. More practise for me I think.
Stupid airbrushing... Thought I'd be a pro in a week.
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