Getting Frisket Sticky Again



I was wondering if there's a way to get your frisket sticky again without making it so sticky that it rips or even worse lifts the paint (I hate having to cut the same stencil too many times)? I was thinking of using a low tac spray adhesive for this - has anybody here tried this??
hi bokkie, no i havnt tried this personally, but i can not see why it wouldnt work, when spraying adhesive on paper the stick seems to be there for ever, the only problem is (not so much for tshirts etc) that you get a bit of residue left on your paper/canvas

hope that helps

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Hi Bokkie
I haven't tried spray adhesive on frisket that's lost it's adhesion but I have used Re-positionable Spray glue on a transparent stencil I cut out.
I used it on a T shirt and it worked well. I can't see any reason why Re-positionable spray wouldn't work on your frisket.
The one I use is Ghiant Re-Tac repositionable mounting spray and it was €11.
cheers Mel