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Hello all,

I started using an airbrush (Badger 250) for painting my airplane models almost 45 years ago now! I quickly graduated to double action, but put the airbrush aside after my interests took me in the direction of smaller scale figures. Now that I have returned to larger vehicle kits and figures (especially Garage Kit aliens, monsters and the like) I am getting back into usingonzog my old badger airbrushes and have collected a few new ones along the way. I am always looking for ways to improve my technique and definitely want to improve my control. So I hope to learn a lot and will contribute when I can.

Happy New Year!

Jack Aka gonzo miniatures
Welcome home Jack nice to ad dyou to the family,

Post up some of them figures even the small ones . I use to paint a lot of D&D character back in the day..
Welcome to the forum from the US

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welcome from begium. grtz daemon

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Welcome from Canada Jack, I actually got my airbrush to try and work on miniature figurines, but that did not work out ended up just using it to prime the figurines. Then came the "I got paint, I got an airbrush why not try to do paintings" moment and I was hooked :)

I checked out your miniatures and fell on this one


Which I did also and have in my profile


With all the help on this forum, I am sure you will be cranking out awesome stuff in no time :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
Welcome aboard Jack, you definitely came to the right place for support and advice. You'll find a great bunch of people here