getting small bubbles on painting this fender whats going on?



So im paining a fender right now and im trying to paint some pin stripes and noticed these small bubbles popping up in random places whats going on i prepped it right usually use auto air but the green is house of color so urethane and never had this prob with auto air so is this a quick fix or whats the best way to fix this and stop from happening


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Could be a reaction, what was the full set of layers you put down, are they compatible...? Hey we ask new people here to go along to the introduction page and say a proper Hi. Where are you? What do you paint? What gear do you use? Experience, that sort of thing. We are a friendly community and like to get to know people and understanding where you are, what you have done can help answer your questions. I couldn't find your intro. Can I get you to go along here and say Hi properly... then you won't be a stranger... :) Here is the link Check out the nettiquette post on the same link which explains a bit about us. Look forward to hearing more from you.
ill introduce myself right now i dont have time though i need to get this fixed asap so i was trying to get some answers, the green is house of color the rest is auto air but there should be a bad reaction cause i clear coated the green to protect it from the auto air
It really could be a few things, oils from your fingers if you used any pinstripping tapes..residue left from masking tapes. Initially you haven't let the base cure properly before clear coating and getting solvent pop. Trapped gasses from base coat try to release through the cear Humidity and weather or maybe which way you held your tongue when painting, lately we are finding that important too ;)..Surface prep even though you stated it is the same, maybe you changed something slightly without realizing, didn't sand/scuff well enough in a few spots and adhesion is your prob. Perhaps it was as simple as some oil left in yuor gun or perhaps you may even be getting oil through your compressor lines..Could have been a little bit of water getting through..Could've been a lot of things..But Hi...Sorry not a specific answer as to guess where the contamination may have come from is impossible from a keyboard across the world, if indeed it is a contamination issue and not a chemistry can try fixing em, often popping em with a needle will allow you to push it back down but realistically if you want a perfect job on it you may need to re-prep it all again..Sorry to be the bearer of prob bad news but it will be pure luck if they lay back flat again without crinkling or cracking the paint (If hardeners where present in your base coats)..I'll assume you have a big tin of prep-wash...Also if doing tanks and such buy cotton gloves to move it around and touch it without transferring oils or use a painting stand of some can help...Good luck.
Sounds like solvent pop to me. But "don't have time" and "need answers" or not, if you are asked to do an intro from a member and are expecting answers from members its the polite thing to do. Plus with more on what kit you have etc, and where you are etc people can give more specific advice. Luckily these guys are a friendly bunch and like to help out. Its a give a little get a lot kind of place, hope you join in.