getting the white right...



Last night, while working on my Macaw, I noticed that the white of my poster board isn't really white, it has a slight tan tint and it is distracting when I add color beside the "white". Is there a board that is a true white or is it a common practice to white wash the board first? I am beginning to get frustrated with paper and think I would be better off going back to metal panels.
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Hey buddy, ill never spray a base of white but it is a possibility. If I'm buying a foreign board in store ill compare the white to other boards to see if it's dark or has any sort of influence. This is just something you learn from, you put that item on your black list an know to look for something different :)
Just get use to using it. That "white" will be translated as white when the picture is done. I like the warmer white papers to the cold ones.
Whats actually the issue, ya just don't like the white your canvas is or are you trying to error correct it or something because if its error correction, I'll never use white (Wld try erasing it first) because it is soooo hard to match white perfectly and as its paint, even if you do match it it wnt quite have the same appearance, if its early layer stuff and ya using opaques I like to just keep going..What type of paper is it? Is it acids, sat in the shop for a bit? There is plenty of gloss white papers available, maybe just a differnet brand may suit better..Or I think as ya mentioned, if ya don't like the white the canvas is, just base it with your white prior to kicking off on the work..good luck :)
As Rebel said if it is old paper it might just be the acids in it starting to oxidize, maybe try something acid free next time, but for now I wouldn't worry too much, as said, it will be seen as white compared to the rest of the picture. If it is oxidization though it may continue to change colour, so if you are leaving a white border it may darken further with time.