ghosting image with metal flake



Hi newb here. I painted cars way back. I'm 60, retired. got a airbrush while back which I enjoy. been doing just practice stuff. going to try a bike tank next. I like the old style 70s large metal flake. my question is; if I want to have some ghosted artwork on a metal flake and candy paint tank, 1. would I put down the flake then slightly darker artwork right on top of flake, or 2. would I flake then say candy red, a coat of clear then artwork and clear. which would work best? Just for example lets just say I'm using a silver flake with candy red. thanks.
Probably a lot of ways to do it. I would do the base flake, clear to bury the flake , then either do your images with the candy color first or a slightly darker shade of the base flake color, say if its silver flake, use a charcoal or darker silver color. Then go in with candy. You can do the ghosted image with the candy it's self but it may get too lost if you out down too many layers of candy.

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hey there stumpjumper, I wouldn't know how to answer your question, but welcome to the forum anyways :)
thanks guys. thought about it and I do have enough experience to know I will do a test on a small piece of metal first with several different shades to see what I like. I love that 70s style look. I guess a lot of the gray beards like me want what they remember from teen years.