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hey guys...

i am not a airbrush artist by nature but got into this because my son is a goalie and wanted a mask done...my self, i dabble in some graphics design and arts so... i started to take it up. four masks later i have learned a lot but always have more to learn.

attached i have a copy of the mask i would like to replicate to some degree...or parts of it anyway, and i have a couple questions i'm hoping you guys can help with and "expedite" the process for me.

1. does anybody have any good ideas on how to produce the texture on the top of the toque that you can see on the upper top part and on the white "band"?

2. the "ribs" on the yellow band look sweet. is the shading done with straight black here or are these different tones of yellow??? if so, how would i go about mixing them??? this is one thing i have not had a lot of luck with yet.

thanks a lot...all help is appreciated.mask.jpg mask.jpg mask.jpg
Hey there. First can you pop over to the intro section. I know you said hi here, but folks will want to officially welcome you, and you might get more traffic. Mention roughly where you are, and what equipment you have ,as it could help people give more specific advice. You can put a link to here so you don't have to repeat your questions :)http://www.airbrushforum.org/introductions/

The texture looks like someone has sprayed through a stencil of some kind. I have done similar with one of those non slip mats you get. As for the yellow, if you use trans paint, you can deepen the colour just by adding more layers, if that doesn't get the effect you want add a tiny bit of red, to make it slighty orangy for contrast.
Definitely sprayed thru a stencil, as for the shading/shadow color I'm with squishy on adding a slight bit of red to make orange,or you might try some septia to give it a browner tone