golden brand paint



Hi gang, thought i would let you all know that Golden brand paint is replacing their airbrush acrylic paint with their new High Flow acrylic paint. They say colors are vibrant, colorfast and inklike consistancy. 49 colors. Will be available late summer this year. Can't wait to try it. Here is a link to the Golden web site if you want to check out the paticulars of it.Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
Thanks fort hat Bill, I recently started using some of their mediums and was very impressed, I shall definitely have a go at the stuff when I come across it.
I'm really liking the look of these new paints, I'm sooooo hoping that one of my local art shops will stock them. I might have to give them a nudge :) Thanks for the heads up Bill.

At the moment I'm using Golden Fluids and have to mix them with Airbrush Medium so these would be great if they are ready to spray and are not too expensive. Also they are versatile and use the same colour palette which is very useful as I know these colours already.

It says they are out in July so I'll keep a look out. They will be available in the US before Europe I guess so if you get some Bill please post a review.
Cheers Mel
Ive been using the Golden fluid and airbrush colors for about 2 years now, love them. I get mine at Dick Blick, thay have one about 15 miles from me. But I have been useing more of the fluid type because they only have the 4oz bottles and not all the colors, they used to sell the 2oz and 4oz. I have a feeling that when the High Flow is available, I will have to order it online because i have a feeling that they won't stock it at the store. They are now pushing regular Createx and Com Art. I tried Com Art and didn't care for it.
I will give a review on them as soon as I get my hands on some.
thank you man!!!i was trying also to expand my paints a little to give a try to other surfaces!!!i´ll be watching dick blick to see the new stuff!!!
Nice to hear about this product. I use acrylics a lot for standard brush paintings and AB look forward to checking these colours out