Good Afternoon from South Carolina!



Hello, my name is Andee and I just recently, as in the past 2 weeks, began painting with an airbrush. So far, I am having a blast but would like to get serious and really start learning some skills. As I work in an automotive shop, cars and motorcycles are mainly what I will be concentrating on. At the moment I have a Badger patriot 105. It works well for me so far, although I have dropped it twice now and have had to order a new needle for it already :miserable:. I"m thinking I should probably find a dedicated work space to practice as standing in the middle of the paint booth propping things against the wall on boxes can be rather tricky. I have tried to include pictures of two of the things I have painted so far. Hopefully it works. I look forward to meeting and learning from those of you who are ready to pass on tips, tricks, and techniques to the new kids on the block!

photo (53).JPGphoto (57).JPG
awesome work andee,, glad to have ya here....I used to live in Charleston,, its so humid down there I could use my sweat as reducer! whhhho
Thanks tucky! Though I'm a little further south in Beaufort, the weather hasn't changed!
Hello and welcome from PA, lots of talented artists with a wealth of knowledge willing to help everyone! Looks like you have some experience, good luck!
Looks like you have some experience, good luck!

Thanks Shadow2462, but those two things are the only experience I have. But like anything in life that captures my interest, I tend to study rather hard :)
welcome to the forum Andee from NH.

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Welcome from the UK, I hope you will enjoy this forum as it has many talented artists who are always willing to help. Nice tins by the way, thanks for sharing, looks like you will be able to help folks with the automotive side of things.

Thank you for the welcome everyone! I"m excited to look around the forum a bit more and see what new thing I can learn today. Where do you go for inspiration?
Welcome aboard andee and you've come to the right place to learn from the best :) Your tanks look great
Welcome to the forum Andy! You are well on your way!! You will learn tons here and if you have a question just ask!! Also try wrapping the hose around your wrist one time loosely, it will help will the dropping. At the very least it will give you a extra second or 2 before it hits the ground. I never use the brush without it now. Enjoy!!!!
Thank you Patch! And Thank You Seamonkey for the tip! I don't know how I keep dropping it, but now I"m on standby until the new needle arrives. I am looking for another airbrush at the same time however, as it is rather a pain to keep switching colors when only using one.
Hey andee.... welcome bud. .. for inspiration we just look to each other.... everyone wants to be as good as the next guy.... for references though.... Google
Welcome home.... Nice to have ya here and look forward to seeing your work.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
welcome aboard andee... from a fellow carolina resident...well i should say transplant.. sc by way of ny. that work is awesome on those tanks man, keep it up.. and youll go far.