Good evening from England



Hi to all
Justin here from Portsmouth England
looking to improve my airbrush skills and to connect with like minded people ! :)
Howdy from Suffolk mate, your defo with like minded people, join in and have a blast, show us your stuff no matter what your skill level, plenty of positive help from good people:)
Hi guys !
ive been on an airbrush forum before found it a bit difficult ? ( maybe i was asking the wrong questions ?? )
but think ive gained more last night just from going through the basic tutorials than i did in six months on other forum ?
i think im going to like it here - looking forward to the future !

and thanks for the warm welcome

you little legend justin, another pompey original here, now residing in cambridgeshire.....must be 4 of us from portsmouth on here now! welcome anyhow!
Welcome Justin! Plenty of like minded folks here and hope you find it as meaningful as I have. Great group of people and all willing to help. Have fun.
Welcome JST. The members here are friendly and welcoming. I have only been a member for a short while and I already feel at home here. The people here love the art and want everyone to achieve their best. You will find wonderful support here. Happy New Year!