Good morning all (from england)


Young Tutorling
hey all,
After getting engrossed (sp) in the site and all its topics I have finally gotten round to the introducing myself part lol. I will admit im a complete newbie when it comes to the airbrushing side and cannot wait to learn. However I have the love for creativeness running through my veins lol :D . In the past I have down murals including a betty boop bathroom, childrens under water themed playcentre and another centre having ice age and madagascar themes, my latest venture included a new york skyline and statue of liberty in a bathroom. After seeing a tutorial by chance on youtube I have found myself here and along with being amazed by the endless possibilities I have caught the airbrushing bug. I'm looking to get a Iwata eclipse CS airbrush kit, hopefully this will be a good place to start.
well thats a little about me and how I got here , hope to find out lots more and make new airbrushing friends :D

leanne xxx
hi leanne...welcome to the forum mate, wow you do sound creative and also experienced with different mediums, I think you will find the airbrush a welcome tool and addition to what you are all ready doing.and again welcome if you have any questions just ask....
Welcome Leanne, nice to see another female amongst the testosterone. The boys here are all great, ready and willing to offer assistance when needed, even if you didn't ask for it :)
All jokes aside they're a great bunch here and with your creative nature I think you're going to fit in just fine
thanks for the welcome :) peeps I'm sure I will love it here :D
Like you said JackEb its nice to know theres fellow females on here lol :D

cant wait to get hold of the airbrush kit and get started :D

thnx again xx
Hi and welcome aboard Leanne :) . The Eclipse is a great airbrush to start out.
Welcome!!! You will fit in nicely here, would love to see some of your murals!! Also it doesn't matter if you are female, now you are just one of the guys, lol!! Again welcome!!

Welcome, know you will be glad you joined, we are glad you did!
… Also it doesn't matter if you are female, now you are just one of the guys, lol!! Again welcome!!


I'll agree with that statement, most of the time you lot forget I'm a Jackie and call me Jack, which is just fine by me :) it's all just one big happy dysfunctional family here, and we all keep coming back for more !