Good paint/stores in Australia


Mr. Focus

Heya guys n gals,

as some of you know i'm new to the forum and i have no idea where to buy paints from. I'm looking at painting t-shirts/hats/clothing etc. and i need some help to find decent paints and where abouts to get them from in Australia

I've been googling (and not in the dirty way ;) ) and like always, everyone claims their products to be the best. Being that i'm just starting back into it, im looking for some cheap stuff to practice with until i pick it up again

Thanks in advance peoples :smiley_simmons:
Airbrush megastore - only water based paint, only online but he's here in South Australia. His prices on the web are ex GST so make allowance for the extra at checkout. Postage is around the $10 mark so I tend to make each order worth it and order extra reducer.
He's also happy to answer questions if you're not sure of what you need
Likewise with Southern Airbrush Superstore.
Good service and comparable pricing.
As always, checkout postage before continuing with purchasing.
Also, easy to find and contact, although I have played 'phone hockey' with them on occaision! lol.
Thanks heaps peeps! I'll check them out and order me some paint
I've bought the Trident paints myself from Southern Airbrush. It's really good for my use (RC lexan) so far.
If you want some practice paint, check out Airbrush Focus's brand as well, its called T.O.P..Its a little cheaper than the rest and ya get a little more for your buck..Airbrush megastore is pretty good as well for the brand name stuff and prob the cheapest in delivery and pretty easy to deal with. Art Spectrum is also a good local brand that can be bought in any good art supply shop, I think their 500 ml inks cost around $25 which will last for quite awhile GL