Got a 60 gal for a steal!


Hot Glue King.
20150615_123846_resized (Small).jpg 20150615_201728_resized (Small).jpg So I've been looking for a second compressor tank to add to my new 60 gal for extra air storage. Last Sunday I happened to check Craigslist and a guy was selling a tank and separate motor so I gave him a shout. Told him I only wanted the tank and he said, hell come on out and I'll just give you the tank! So I sanded it down and just spray bombed it with primer and some lime green to match my garage and just waiting for my buddy to come over and plumb it all in. Now I'll have 120 gal of nonstop air lol!!
Haha, yeah not much in that cabinet right now and it's going on my other wall soon.
I've got a 60 gal. sitting outside my pole barn that needs work (rewired and start cap. for motor) but I use a 20 gal most of the time,I might pair them up?
That would be cheaper too!
Cool requisite Cuda, I'm not sure about the colour but I suppose there is little chance of bumping into it in the dark, lol
Haha thx bud, doesn't even bother me one bit if peeps like it or not, I just love this color. Got my logo in black and lime green and whatever I can paint in my shop haha!!!!