Got my CM-B Today!!!

Jake H.

Needle-chuck Ninja
Last time I checked the shipping info it said it wasn't going to be at my house until the 31st of this month, but the shipping gods must have been looking out for me and got me my present a little earlier!! Too bad I have pesky obligations to do tonight and tomorrow, I think I feel a "cold" coming on ;) I should probably stay home and paint er... sleep, ya know, with me being "sick" and all :whistling:

Congratulations Jake.

The first feel of that trigger!!! Stunning.

Little tip - do not put lube on the trigger shaft, makes them sticky after time.
JackEb - that gutter talk on such a warm thread :whistling:
I was going to clarify that maybe it could be used on tools, much like machine oil but that just made matters worse... I'll go along with what @Squishy said. Use it on the creases on your face, that you get from smiling to much...... But that's still in the gutter....
Go and enjoy your micron.... That's it! I'm leaving
Well, got to shoot a little paint in the cm-b tonight and all I can say is WOW!! I love that AB, so smooth feeling, and the flat trigger just gives it a whole different feel, it's insane how small of a line I can get with that thing, I'm in love! :love::love::love::love: