Got my iwatas today ;)))

This morning in the office, the postman was kind enough to bring my newest toys.
One HP-Cplus (.3) and the HP-C 50th Anniversery (could not stand;)).
Can't wait to give it a try this evening, but still got 6 h to go...

Happy as could be :D
Where's the damn pictures? I bought as rolls royce today, but forgot to take pictures before I totalled it, oh well people can think I'm lieing, lol.

Just kidding, congrats on the new weapons, I just got the HP-B plus, 0.2 set up, very chuffed, just got to learn to use it, lol
Congrats. Now you can change your signature. There is nothing special in the operation of the 50th so don't bother giving it a go. Keep it in showroom condition.