Grafo T2 Nickel Coating Care Question


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Hi everyone,

I just got in my Grafo T2 and played around with it this weekend. I really love it!

My other airbrushes are chrome coated, this one looks to be nickel coated.

What is the best way to care for nickel coated parts (best cleaning solutions, what to avoid, how to polish)?

After one use there seems to be a small amount of cloudy film along the top and side of the airbrush that I'd like to buff out.



(Attached some practice lines and shadows, I'm no air calligrapher, just having fun)


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Not familiar with that particular airbrush, but I use Blue Magic metal polish on brightwork in vintage cameras like chrome or nickel plating. Alternatively I have also used Brasso or Mothers metal polish. But most importantly, I frequently wipe them down during use with a paper towel to prevent any buildup. Since I use automotive lacquers that dry very hard very fast, I usually do a quick go over with a cotton swab and a dab of lacquer thinner.

Being a bright Nickel plating, you will want to avoid anything that contains ammonia. Chrome is just about impervious to ammonia, but Nickel gets eaten pretty quickly. Once you have the brush clean, you may want to apply a surface wax to it - something like renaissance wax - which will help to protect the finish. Periodically re-apply - but, really, should not be much to worry about. I have several Grafo's, including some pre-H&S, and the finishes have held up quite well with regular use.
I really enjoy this brush, but already have ink stain in one cup and some tarnish on the top of the gun (finger oil most likely) so just wanted to get tips early so it's not a problem later. Thanks all.
Reporting an update - I picked up Flitz metal polish and used that on the Grafo T2. It buffed up like a charm. Unfortunately my local hardware store didn't have any wax in any small quantities, so I'll have to pick that up online.

I did see some videos on YouTube showing its possible to polish needles with metal polish - I was wondering if this is actually beneficial or maybe a fools errand. Specifically, I have one needle that's particularly susceptible to tip dry, polishing it might help alleviate some pitting / roughness. But i know airbrushes are machined to very tight tollerances, so I assume polishing can possibly effect the diameter of my needle and lead to other problems.

Am I over-thinking needle polish? Is it fine, not recommended? Best to just buy a new needle? Let me know your insights. Thanks!