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I got my Evolution from Graphics direct... Sweet fast delivery and best price on net... However, got an email stating a 37% saving on the very same airbrush... MMmm Maybe worth forking out for... Needed or not lol

Loaded up the web-site and there it was a saving of 37%.... but its the same price I paid!

It really lets a company down in my opinion if it does this sort of thing.. Would have looked nice... 2 sexy evo's waitin for me to learn to paint!
I think you are looking at it wrong, you got 37% off. Hell that's not bad, Chicago Airbrush is a sub company of a Chicago art store. Their same model H&S brushes are a huge price difference between the Art Store website and Chicago Airbrush's site. I told them about the discrepancy a long time ago, it's never been fixed.
No... I didnt get 37% off..... That is the price they sell it for on a regular basis.... £127.98. Now it may well be a fair price, my point is, it hasn't been reduced in price like they make it appear. If its no cheaper than it was a month ago without a sale, its not 37% cheaper!
Did their email state anything about 37% off their normal pricing, or 37% off?
Based in MSRP, their discount looks right.
The e-mail said the company was having a sale... the website shows the evolution as 37% off... The price is the same as it was before the sale, so the company in reality isn't selling it any cheaper than it was. Now I have no problem with the price... but its a mis-leading advert because if i got a new airbrush, I wouldn't save anything as that is the price I would pay at any time.

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