Greetings from a desert rat



I'm new to the forum and have not posted on any forums for quite a while. The real world can get to be such a bother. I'm just a hobbiest when it come to the airbrush, though it is my favorite hobby. I have a Badger Revolution, a Chinese whatever, a Iwata HPC+, an Iwata Micron, a Paashce Millenium and a Badger Renegade Spirit. Mostly I do things for fun or gifts. My current project is a Trompe 1'oeil door between our kitchen and laundry room. The pics are of a guitar I did for my nephew, whose last name is Wolf. And 2 different rifles I've done. On the green back ground is one I carved the scales into the stock and on the brown background it is airbrushed.

Patterson front 1.JPGPattersons back.JPGcarved rifle detail.JPGCopy of Snakeskin.JPG
Welcome home kaiilla,

That is a great looking stock and good looking guitars.
Nice to add you to the family .
welcome from honduras,a question how the millenium behaves?indeed great work there man!!!
I haven't used it much, but it seems to behave pretty well. My first airbrush from over 20 years ago was an old Badger 200 that I gave to and aunt that wanted to try airbrushing. So that kinda leans me towards grabbing the Badger when I want the larger nozzle. I forgot to mention that I also have a Badger 100 but don't use it very often due to the trigger being too close to the cup for my fat fingers. Thinking about getting myself the Renegade Krome for my birthday.