Greetings from Amsterdam...i'm high already ;-)



Hi there,

My name is Harry (43) and painting for 4 months now, followed a few courses with Marissa and Peter Evers from Kimae studio.
I'm from a litle town next to Amsterdam. Married, got a few animals like ****atoo's and ara's, a dog, cat, bunch of fish and a kid.

Below some of my first finished and work in progress.

G'day Harry

Wow Awsome work : ) I'm yet to start airbrushing but am just blown away with work such as
Yourself and other fellow Members

I would love to be able to such work

Cheers Ben
Just noticed you have a ****atoo : ) they are crazy birds real characters very loud
I have a client who has one and its 47years old they can reach 80 years of age plus
hey harry, welcome along matey.i f you have any questions our can offer any answers then dove straight in....this is a safe fun place with some great characters.
That is some AWESOME work for only 4 months into the art.
Makes me question myself and wonder what the f*** am I doing wrong!...
(I neeeeed to get painting...)
My gosh man, your producing stuff like that after only 4 months, that's incredible :) Welcome from Calgary
Hi Harry, Welcome from the UK.

All I can say is WOW! ... I agree with Darrenday ... I'm doing something wrong!!
Thank you all for your kind words, i'm still learning so more work to come.
Welcome Home Harry , Looks like you have brought your skills with you . Very nice work .
First off, welcome!!!!!! Your work is outstanding for four months. Keep up the great work and it's a pleasure to see your art. Share, learn and teach.