Greetings from Brisbane



Hi all,
My Name is Jez, I live on the northside of Brisbane and am in the process of closing down my Business. Am taking a step back from Custom Paint, Panel and Airbrush so that I can concentrate on making art for the sake of art.

Here's a few Pics, and If I can offer any assistance just shout out.
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Hey Jez,

I don't know if it's my phone or if you didn't attach your photos correctly. But I'd like to see them. I have always loved custom paint jobs on cars and motorcycles.
Thanks, I tried to attach some pics, but got errors saying I had to have a few posts first.

Not sure if it's allowed but here is the gallery from my Facebook page

Edit: Can't post links either :( Feel free to look up Karnage Kustoms on facebook

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Welcome hope you like the site

Just checked out your fb page. Great work!
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Karnage, welcome and it's always nice to have seasoned professionals to learn from. Hope you feel welcome and Mr Tutor is the bomb and love this site because it's small and worldwide. Great to have you here, enjoy
HI Jez

Welcome to the forum, hope you like it, and from what I understand, you sound like someone who can contribute a lot to the site, specially for those of us who are starting out.

I think you should be able to post photos now, usually after 5 posts.

Good on you karnage
I also have been bustin my a<££ for too long and now even though I am still running a business I'm taking time out to try my hand at something new . You got to do it life's too short to be chasing the dollar .
hope to see some of your work .I know this is a difficult question but what was your favorite air brush you use ?
Welcome mate.....just had a look at the FB page....sick photos.....its great to have you on....looking forward to hearing more from you.

Hello Karnage and welcome to the forum. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do :)
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Thanks for the compliments also, I am self taught, and started my business after having an accident and not being able to work full 8 hour days without rest and a lot of pain killers.
I use Iwata Airbrushes mostly the work horse is my HP-C+, and my detail brush is my CM-C+. Having said that the concept of worrying about what brand AB etc etc is really of less importance then learning control and making the most of what you have, I also have a few china knock off brushes, that I have "tuned" to quite respectable results. I use a mix or Dupont paints with HOK for effects (Kandy, flake, pearl etc), and I spray with Devilbiss spray guns.
I haven't Picked up an Airbrush in 12 months due to trying to get a restoration from hell out, But once it's gone I will get back into it.

Enough talk, more pics LOL!




Also If a Mod could fix up my typo in the Title, that would be awesome!
Welcome from the UK Jez.
Nice work there. Some reason your not coming up on my FB search?

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Good to have you on the site Karnage! some really nice pieces there! hopefully you can offer others a bit of help and advice aswell :)
if you need to post pics you can just use the image button in the text control panel, you can upload pics straight from your computer, you don't need to link them.. unless they're living in cyber space:)
Welcome aboard mate good to have you here!