Greetings from Calgary Alberta


Air-Valve Autobot!
Hi everyone, I'm new to the post and I've been airbrushing for about a year, and loving it! Attached is my first attempt at airbrushing that I did last year and after I finished filling the kitchen with fumes, my wife thought it would be a good idea to move to the basement. LOL Glad to join the post.


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Good stuff. You picked up the skill quickly. Welcocme here from The Netherlands and have a good time on this forum.
From Calgary!?! Welcome, bro! I am from Calgary too. Up in the NE. Want to compare notes someday?
my first attempt looked like kindergarten yours is amazing
welcome bro, the party starts now, great people on here, spread the love:D
Welcome from Vancouver Island BC, I've been at it close to a year and your "first attempt" is better than what I can do now. Check out some work from Cross-Eyed, he is in Calgary and a fantastic AB artist.
The Artist
Thanks everyone, looks like I'm going to like this forum, great bunch of people in it.