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Offshore G

Hi guys,

I have in the past few weeks been getting all the equipment I would need for airbrushing Bass crank baits. I have ordered un painted lures from the USA and am waiting for them to arrive in Cape Town. I got myself an Aircraft mini compressor and some Daler rowney inks. I would like to know if Createx paints are available in South Africa?

Any further info would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Greetings, Offshore G.
Sadly I can't offer any help with your questions though. Although I can't see why you wouldn't be able to get the pains shipped to you...
Hi Dizzy,

I can have them shipped but including shipping and duty etc it will work out to around $8-10 for a 2oz bottle of Createx. The Daler Rowney inks are about R100 ($8) in SA. If I can get them cheaper in SA that would be better. Anyway, looking forward to being a member on this site, looks great!
@AndreZA would be the nice fellow to ask about paint availability in SA :). Also...welcome to the forum :)
@Offshore G, unfortunately no Createx products in SA. Even at those prices, you still get double the amount of paint for the price of the FX. You can get Com-art from a local supplier but they order as needed. In the meantime, join the Airbrush South Africa Facebook page in my signature.
Thanks for all the great feedback guys, much appreciated.
Andre, I am unfortunately not on FB. This is about as adventurous as I get on social media. lol Can you send me a link of their website?
Are the Com-art the same kind of acrylic paints as Createx?
Just Google Surface Coating Technology. They are in Randburg. They don't have the paint on their site but you can just email them. Per 30ml they are about the same as The FX. But if you go to 4oz, the price only doubles instead of quadruples.
Welcome to the forum, there are lots of friendly folks here and everyone will pitch in and help when you need it.