Greetings from down under!



Just thought I should stop in and say a quick hello.

I got hooked watching the tutor instructional videos this morning. Think I watched all three chapters back to back.
I've always had a keen interest in most things creative. But like most, it took a back seat to other hobbies and careers along the years.

As a kid I drew a lot. I was never very good, but I always enjoyed it. More recently photography and video became my medium of choice, and I still enjoy taking the camera out every now and then. Not as much as I would like though. One thing photography doesn't give me is that hands on satisfaction of really creating something.
I like clean art. Sharp lines and simplicity. I am still in awe of what people can do with an airbrush. It blows my mind how photo realistic some paintings are.

I don't imagine I'll ever be as good as you all.
But I think Airbrushing will re-spark my interest in hands on art.

So I'm currently searching for my first kit and look forward to learning from everyone :)

Hey mate.....Hello from sydney.

looking forward to seeing some of your work...any ideas on what kind of gear you gonna get?

Thanks guys!

I'm looking at getting an Iwata airbrush. Probably the revolution or eclipse. I've heard both are good for beginners.

As for compressor, I have no idea yet. I'm looking at start up kits to see if I can get a good package deal.
Paints, I'll probably just use water based. I don't know much about the different paints yet, but I'm sure black is all I will need for a while :)

Of course, I am open to any suggestions on gear!
I just went to bunnings and got a standard "project air" compressor for pretty cheap....loud but sturdy and it does the job!
Welcome from Holland. Apart from informative clips on Youtube, you may find interesting exchange of experience here in this forum to help you decide which set-up best fits your requirements.
Welcome from the uk, glad to have some more background info, with your interests I think airbrushing will definately be something you'll get into!