Greetings From Kentucky



Greetings from the Blue Grass State, home of pretty horses and fast women. I am new to airbrushing and I am eager to listen, look, and learn. I seem to gravitate to painting bowling pins for some strange reason? I have only used water based paints like auto-air and wicked colors due to the low odor factor. I have a Krome, Iwata eclipes gravity feed and siphon feed. I have only sprayed a rattle can clear (valspar) on the few projects I've done thus far. some what intimidated in learning-using the "professional" type of clear with a gun.

Really looking forward to reading all the blogs/post and learning all I can.

Thank you all and have a great air day!

Welcome Home Turkeyman , , What city in the blue grass state , I go to E town and Louisville often. post up some of your work.
Welcome to the forum from NH.

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Hey there Turkeyman, from the uk. Make a few more posts so you can show us some pics of your pins! Welcome!
Welcome to the family turkeyman!! Would love to see some of the bowling pins for sure!

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Hey Squishy, here is a set I did for a fellar that was hosting a bowling tournament, he was giving them out as door prizes.