Greetings from Los Angeles



Greetings all, I am a leatherworker from Los Angeles. It is leatherwork that brought me to air brushing, which I am brand spanking new to. One could not know less about it than me. I came to it for a couple of reasons. As a means to apply leather dye more evenly, and to do custom effects that can't be done with brushes, daubers, sheep wool, etc. I look forward to learning a lot. I just bought my first air brush and compressor today, haven't even opened it until I learn what the heck to do with it. Im the type that would break it, trying to figure it out. But, I have gone online and looked at several videos (such as airbrushtutor) and now I am also thinking about getting paint for art, on top of the dyes I use for leather, as I was intrigued by how fun it looks to just do things on paper as well.
Welcome to the forum from NH.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!i´m also the kind of guy that breaks his toys,lol:friendly_wink:!!!don´t worry,by the way what kind of airbrush and compressor you bought?
Welcome home Sherlockian Nice to have you in the family , Leather work is fun I use to do it way back in the day. everything from Tanning the hides to working and tooling it.
Look forward to seeing not only your airbrush work but your leather work as well.
welcome from sunny South Africa - please post some of your leather work :)
Hi sherlockian from the uk. Learning to tool leather is on my list of things to learn, although I can do a pretty good airbrush tooled leather effect, it's not quite the same Lol! Hope to see some of your work!
G'Day Sherlockian all the way from southern australia :congratulatory:
Welcome neighbor. :) I live in Whittier.

Be sure to post your work. I'm trying everything. I did do some painting on leather and found it very nice to paint on.