Greetings from Luxembourg



moin moin

Hello to all the airbrushers here !!!

My 10 years old son Tim and me, Steve 40 years old, are beginners in airbrush.
While searching help in the WWW, we found the airbrushtutor-tutorials and we give our best to follow his advice and have a lot of fun !!!

But we have to agree, ..... he is the "other" kind of "an australian wonderboy" !!! ( other = more talent and better looking) ;-))

You inspire my son with your work .... "Mitch is the coolest airbrusher, I want to airbrush the leopard like him" ...his words :))

Hope we will find nice peoples here and some advice if we need them ..., and we did ;-))

Greetings from Luxembourg

Tim and Steve
Hi from germany and welcome to the forum Tim and Steve :)
Welcome to the forum Tim & Steve

I too am new to airbrushing and find the advice given on here to be extremely helpful :)
Hello Tim and Steve I hope you both like this site! I have a feeling that we are all about to be shown up by a ten year old :) I hope you both get started soon and make sure you show us your work.

Hi from the Netherlands ;)

Dont forget to use the respirators! Those young lungs must go a long way ey :)
Hello from England and welcome in, enjoy this great place and don't be afraid to ask any questions
Welcome Tim and Steve,
You gonna enjoy the ride.