Greetings from Queensland, Australia


Fresh Undies

My first Post, woot!!.
Seems every time I turn on the computer, all I see is airbrushtutor and seamonkey. Thought I better get in on the action.
A little about me... I live in Brisbane,Queensland. I've dabbled in airbrushing for 10 or so years but only for backgrounds and skies in illustrations which accounts for only 10% of the piece. I do a lot of digital art in photoshop but I have a yearning to produce something real and not on screen. So after many vids on the tube I've got the airbrush bug.
At the moment all i have is a crappy Chinese cheapo airbrush, but I have ordered a badger patriot to get me started and if I still have the bug, either upgrade to a fine needle nozzle or get a Krome. We'll see. Parts are hard to find in Australia. Now to find a supplier for etac locally too.
Very new to fine detail airbrushing, infact my first skull looked more like a dried up scrotum with 2 black spots. Got to start somewhere I guess.
You all sound friendly enough here so off to do some reading.

Spray the love.
hey fresh undies!!!! sounds like you are off to a winner by investing in the patriot... a great all round brush and superb for really hammering down the paint!!! are not wrong about airbrushtutor and seamonkey..... them guys are everywhere..... really whoring themselves at the moment! heheh .... seriously though both are great artists and follow their videos cause you will learn so much!!!.... a heap of talented people on here that will share both the love and the knowledge.....your underpants are in good hands....... (unless they are in the hands of cordyk.... he will do unspeakable things and give them that worn in look)
Welcome aboard mate your defo in the right place, have fun, we can all learn from each other here:)
Thanks to all. Fez told me about you Cordyk..... you saucy little minx. :friendly_wink:
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Must have missed out on the free undies when I bought my Badger.
I would say something about having undies having furry things in them, and unpleasant smelling stripes, but I'm not that kind of gal.
I would say something about having undies having furry things in them, and unpleasant smelling stripes, but I'm not that kind of gal.

Are you insinuating I have gerbles down there?? Have you been looking in my window?... hehe. :love-struck:
Welcome to the forum, the dagger dance is a good one. You will be doing plenty of dancing for a while. But with all the good peeps on here we' ll have you painting stuff in no time.

Aye up skidders hope you're not going soil this sacred homeland with filth.... Without letting me tag in anyway :)
Well i had enogh of dagger strokes for the week and spent the weekend building a dedicated table and stand in my spare room for all my arty stuff. Had to get out of the garage coz the compressor is driving me crazy. Just got to get me a long hose now.