Greetings from Russia!



Hi all! I'm Anastasia. I'm from Russia. I'm in airbrushing since 2009. Worked as an airbrushing tutor for 2 years. Done some cars, lots of pictures, bikes and other stuff. Since last year started practicing pinstriping. It's something new for me and for our country. I'll try to do my best and practice more. But I don't forget about airbrushing and continue upgrading myself...
Hope to find some new friends here and have a good time talking about airbrushing, because it's a big part of my life!
Welcome to the forum Anastasia! Be sure and check out our pinstriping posts. There are some of us newbies in that area always looking for tips :subdued: cant wait to see some of your work :subdued:
Thank you! I would like to, but I do not exactly know where to post them.. in what exact place? (sorry, I'm a new one here ;) )
you will find it on main forum home page, right down the bottom
Yeah, but I've got more pictures with airbrushing than with pinstriping. Where should I post THEM?
you can post them here ..........Works In Progress & Finished Artworks! where they tend to get viewed a bit more, and you can also start your own gallery by going to members galleries.... that is just to compile photos though,,, people tend to give more feedback in the link i have just given you
Hi Anastasia, welcome from the uk. I mostly paint bikes so looking forward to seeing your work, and just started to pinstripe a couple of weeks ago, so will be looking out for those pics too.
Welcome to the forum from the US

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welcome from sunny South Africa :)

awesome work in your other thread Anastasia :D
Welcome from California , look forward to seeing your work

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal: