Greetings from Slovakia :)



Hi guys... so... I am happy I, joined this airbrushing community. How I get ho airbrush and this forum? I started to airbrushing like 2 years ago with my iwata HP B-plus an using this deadly weapon untill now :nevreness: ( actually thinking about and if to buy another one, as idk. how feels other pistols ) Also some minor siphon seed unnamed airbrushes for large scales and rough work. Currently using wicked n wicked detail colors... By the time I started, I did only few fully done artworks - around 5-9... rest was just some training and trying... ( no mood, frustration a lot of irl. stuff, and only a little free time in past )... But by start of this year I decided to get back to what I love... and its art... I bought more colors and acessories and started to watching some more tuts. to charge the power ...the power of knowledge :D so I started again, and I am really satisfied with some art I did untill now and which currently I am working on... So... The way how I get here> I found airbrushtutor on youtube and those tut. vids totally charged my mood to start working again. I totally love way of the videos and humour and mostly the way... the free hand way... :) because on other ...uhm... forums and I-think-I-am-pro-airbrusher sites, many people always telling you: You have to do this exactly this way because thats only right way how airbrush works and yo uhave to use this extra great awesome stencils for 24.99€ because those are only true airbrush stencils xD phew... ...So when I watched the airbrushtutor vids, I was like oh god this is the way I am doing things... and everything looked so simple and a lot of fun... and it really is... Well I am not pro airbrusher, but I love it... and trying to improve... well I have some problems like wrong decisions at final steps of the artworks that makes the work more complicated and last even longer, with making myself angry xD... ...but, as someone says: We learning by trying... I would be happy if you leave comment by my pictures some are average, some good and maybe by time some gonna be perfect :),if you like or don´t like it, does not matter if the critique is right... I ll add also some unfinished projects which are taking their time to finish and I ll be glad if you post some ideas too... So thats about me I ll be happy to be in touch with this community... so that is a bit about me. Have a nice day guys and great mood for art... oh and I nearly forget... Spread the love <3
Welcome Home Brix , Glad to have you here and look forward to seeing what you have picked up so far.
Welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing your art.

From Mississippi:
welcome brix glad to have you join the forum, you obviously have bags of enthusiasm and should fit in great
you wil love it here! looking forward to learning with you
Hi there Brix from the uk, hope to see some of your work here soon, and enjoy the forum!
Hi brix and welcome aboard, real nice to have you with us, you are gonna fit in just great here....there are plenty of great people here as well as some odd ones, ugly ones and of course the pretty ones like adfez:) jump in and enjoy!
Welcome Mate,

You won't be disappointed joining this 'Rabble'

They're quite knowledgable between them :)