Greetings from Stockholm



Hi, I became a member of this forum few weeks ago, but I didn't introduce myself yet.

My name is Catalin, 41y old, from Sweden (actually I'm a Romanian, living in Stockholm, Sweden). I'm a scale modeler and last year I started airbrushing my models. For the moment, I have a small piston compressor without tank (NuAir Magic Mecca Deco kit) and a Neo airbrush which I didn't use them too much for my models, mainly every 2-3 days to paint some parts, but I want to learn more about ABing.

I'm glad I discovered this forum, and for me, as beginner, is full of information. I don't have any experience drawing or painting before and I'm very motivated, will follow the exercises and, maybe, in time I'll improve myself. I also thought to follow an AB course, but I have to postpone it until March or later. I also saw Marissa will have her portrait workshop in Stockholm at the end of March, no places for the moment, but I'm on the reserve list.

I ordered some ComArt paints to start trying now, and in few weeks I consider upgrading to a silent compressor (I have to use it inside the apartment, and mainly in the evenings/nights) and an Infinity airbrush. What do you think about Sil-Air 15D (it's the same as 15A but with a 4 liters tank)? Is it good enough? Will it get very hot if I'll use it 2-3 hours every evening?
Thank you.
Welcome Home Catalin
I would love to see your models , I use to build them many years ago and have helped my boys build some .
You can not go wrong with a class from Marissa .
Glad to have you around.
Hey Catalin, I think the compressor would be fine. It has a regulator and filter set up built in so you won't need to buy anything else to get started. It also only runs when you press the trigger for air, so it won't run constantly for the 2 to 3 hours you'll be painting... it shouldn't get hot.

Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us.
I heard that people say it's hard to learn swedish, but i guess you get a hang of it soon.
My english is far worse then my swedish anyway :)

I hope we can see some of your work here soon.
Hello Catelin and welcome to the forum, good to have you with us, sounds like you will have a nice little set up there, com-art are great paints so you won't go wrong:)
Thank you all for welcoming me. I hope I'll post something soon (probably the output of the exercises). Still waiting for com-art paints to be delivered.
Meanwhile, I'll post down some of the scale models I did (not so much, and not for competitions .. actually not yet:) )
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Nice work catalin.

2 ships to build and paint that would be fun to see is


And planes ofcourse Jas39 gripen , Viggen, Draken, Tunnan there is alot of them :)
my set-up:

my current compressor and Neo airbrush (I plan to change them at the end of February):

ready to start ABing :)
Welcome to the best forum out there!! Your models look nice. I really like that first one of the fighter jet! Thanks for sharing your pics. If you have any questions this forum is the place to ask!!